company picnic

Today I went for a company picnic, there was about 200 ish people there including kids. That was actually my first time being in a company picnic. If you don't know, I am actually interning for a brokerage company as a IT intern. Hey! I am a blogger but I can be technologically developed too! I can build sites now :)

In two weeks my intern is going to end, I will miss the people in this company a lot, so does the job itself. But back to the topic I was in the owner's house participating in the family picnic and it was fun to see a lot of the employees talking and just socializing.

So this afternoon I was wondering what kind of outfit should I wear. Lately I haven't got any new avatar, so just need to be more creative with what I have I was combining my blue romper that I bought from Thailand and the cropped denim jacket that I got from downtown Cedar Falls. So here is my look!





Sorry for a bad quality picture, my brother is watching Manchester Utd. match in Chicago so he brought my dslr my camera, and here I am with a small digital camera (oldies).
I hope by next post I am readily posed with my dslr!

Catherine Au Jong



  1. You are looking very cute, i'm loving your outfit!
    -Adriana Little Petite

  2. Aaah... you remind me of my own summer internship in Houston. I remember thinking to myself: "The bad things are that I cannot be late and skip class when I work. The good things are that I get paid and noooo homework. Yess!"

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  3. ive wanted a hat like that for the longest time

  4. Anonymous7/24/2011

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  5. love the outfit! the hat s awesome,


  6. you look adorable, looking the denim jacket
    I had an internship 2 summers ago, one of the most awesome experisnces ever :)

  7. love your outfit kat!! nice hat!

  8. i love your hat^^

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  9. Anonymous7/25/2011

    cute outfit!

  10. very cute!!!!

  11. aww i love your outfit! so cute! :3 but i must say that as an Arts student i like the last picture the most, because it's more creative and unexpected :)

    lovely blog, i'm keeping my eye on you, kay? :3
    xoxo, Monstros no Armário


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