If I am an editor

Trust me, I have so many dreams and one of them is to become an editor in a fashion magazine, well not a big dream, though it is really just a little dream.
But I remember I saw this editor pant in express several months ago and I really fell in love with it. Not until last week when I was thrifting with my aunt we found this pair of pants, the editor.

Sometimes I always see lots of high brands tops, pants, or small accessories around the blogs I've seen, but really not many people can afford these dreams. I have many things to tell, as someone who might give an idea for a fashion magazine, I would really encourage looking gorgeous with thrifted items or even not to care about brands. What is it anyway, we are paying for their marketing stuff.
Listen, you need not to pay $10000000 (and goes on) to look stylish. Dare yourselves and be creative.

Devoted to this idea, here is my look with some thrifted and sale items, if i am an editor:

abercrombie and fitch thrifted blouse, express thrifted the editor pants, u.o. blazer, forever 21 nude pumps
and accessories, mohair pear glasses







I hope you can find this post is useful. Remember, always feel positive about yourselves, and be creative! 

Catherine Au Jong



  1. woah you look amazing, so chique! And I looove the shoes :)

  2. love your outfit! you look so chic :)

  3. Hi again!
    You look very amazing with that outfit.
    I hope your dream as an editor in a fashion magazine comes true! All the best for you.

    Have a great day!


  4. I want to be an editor too. Just like Anna from VOGUE and Amy from Teen Vogue..

    But I don't know where to start. lol

    Count me in if you're about to make your own magazine. Would very please to join!(:

    Dreamy Princess

  5. hey sexy teacher ;p lol!
    i love your nude pump shoes. so sexyyyy rawrrrr!!!


  6. you look ah-mazing(as always) kath!!! and am drooling over your shoes!!!!


  7. wow, those pants look so great on you!! can't believe they're thrifted. hoorrayyy for thrifting (: i don't know what i would do without it. p.s. love that photo of your shoes/necklace/glasses!

  8. I love name brands but also love to shop at thrift stores and mixing the two together, if you can make thrift clothing look as expensive as name brands than you got style I think!

    love those shoes you are wearing btw, and the blazer's material looks cool!

  9. ...I wish to steal that blazer.

  10. That's exactly why I delete almost all Indonesian fashion blogs from my favorite section of my IE, because they're too branded and the pictures are too professional looking for most people like me to relate to.
    I wish more people in Jakarta think like you about branded stuffs. Many people were like, if you can afford to study in the US bla bla bla, then why are you wearing bags from the sale racks at Matahari. And I was like, hey, as long as it's a lovely bag, it's me that matters, not the brands I wear.
    Keep it real, gal! You rock!

    LeeAnne, Style N Season


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