A goose's dream

My energy is exhausted after the graduation ceremony and activities yesterday. It is all absorbed especially being lack of sleep the night beforehand. 
Above all, however, I have learnt many things including the possibility of my goal. 
A friend of mine has just came back from NY for graduation. If you are familiar enough you will know that it's Eva Diva from Filming in Stiletto. She shared a lot of stories and how she hoped that we can spend more time there.
Then I start thinking, I have set my dream. But will my family and friends allow me? Or should I step my own? It is a real big question inside me: should I expect my dream to happen or should I not?
I don't want to say my goal in the internet out loud and I intend to keep it deep in me for now, not until that time comes and I might need to fight for it.

urban outfitters top, unbranded jacket and shorts, forever 21 mary janes


Then again I talk with Eva, she interns for The Colbert's Report at NY. I saw lots of passion and a bright future. She inspires me again and again, on how great a future can be. When you see everyone you see now great as can be. 
But for me, will it just floats or will it come true? Is it just a goose's dream?

n.b. Video of me and some musical instruments from Indonesia. If you know any of the name please tell me since I am sure I didn't mention their names well.



  1. love your outfit. always fashionable. good job catherine ^_^


  2. love the double stripes :)

  3. I love this outfit!

  4. your outfit is marvellous. i am always impressed by your sense of style! your video is very tinteresting and you are so cute ;)

  5. I think you should work towards your dream but don't 'expect' it to happen... as in don't wait for it to happen to you, you need to figure out what you need to do to make it happen, then do it! congratulations on your graduation! mine is next week (except I finished my course six months ago, so.. meh. my uni is weird)

    I love your little video of the instruments, I grew up in indonesia and I remember playing with them all! my parents have a huge gong at their house, it's about 1 metre across. it makes a lovely deep sound though.

  6. Loving the stripes sweetie! And congrats on your graduation. Definitely go for your dreams!

  7. loving the stripes xxx

  8. adorable, love the mixture of stripes and dots in this outfit :)


  9. very beautiful combination on your outfit! :D so cool honey and great video!



  10. Love stripes and they look so good on you! Kiss gorgeous*

    Following you from Portugal*


  11. Really cute outfit <3

  12. you should do whatever you feel inspired to! it's hard making big life decisions, though. anyway, i lOVE your outfit here. not many people can pull off a two-piece matching suit thing, but you look awesome!! and i love your hair (:

  13. Amazing outfit! You look great!
    Looove your blog! Following! Follow back? <3


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