Finally now I am blogging with my new fringe style, my old style. To be honest, I've never grown my fringe as long as before after I graduated from primary school. 
This is now more like what I used to look like when I was in high school. 
I am confident, but at the same time people told me I look younger. So, I wonder if it is a good thing or a bad thing? 
I bring some springy floral patter vintage themed dress I got from Thailand. Seeing it on the mannequin look pretty and classic. One small shop near Thailand's MBK, Bless, I think that's what it is called, I love that store. Small but the dresses and tops there are super amazing especially for those who are vintage inspired.

thailand dress and cardigan, korea legging, charlotte russe pumps, claire's headband, miumiu bag





Vintage inspired, bows, cardigans, and flat. Perfect match for my new fringe and of course spring!! Can you imagine now I am out only with thin coat and (or maybe I don't even need it) cardigan!! 
Finally spring really comes, and yeah it's late. 
But I am enjoying my time while killing myself over exams now. 

Alright folks! You have a great week, hope it's a good one :)

Catherine Au Jong



  1. that dress is soo pretty!! you look soo cute :)

  2. i love this dress! it is so so pretty. i love floral print!
    and i love the shoes, and the color they are! charlotte russe is awesome for good, cheap shoes!

  3. cute full bangs! :) I like the dress. :)

  4. love your outfit :D


  5. i love floral print and u look so cute

  6. oh my gosh!!! i LOVE the fringe on you, and that dress is too die for (of course it's from thailand). i love it!! what a perfect floral.

  7. You really are so cute :)

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