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Having no camera for a while, I finally thought about sharing something interesting that Cedar Falls, my current town, offers: 

For something to be proud, spending time in a smaller town called Cedar Falls where I am studying now. An authentic and cozy coffee house called 'cup of joe'. 
To warn, this post is not about fashion, but about fassion (passion ;p).
[Oh by the way, find them here: Cup of Joe's site | Cup of Joe's Facebook]

Just last week I did a marketing plan presentation about this coffee shop. Researching, experiencing, interviewing with the owner, Dawn Wilson, I found out a lot of things in Cup of Joe that I really can't get from bigger coffee chain like Starbucks or Panera. 
Getting to talk with the owner, chatting with the clerks. Feeling so relaxed and welcomed, not being 'one of the customers'. 


Located conveniently in the heart of the town, Downtown Cedar Falls. I can tell that Cup of Joe adopts the vintage model. So unique, home like, yet interesting. 
After that marketing plan, I often spend time here to study, to chill, and relax way from campus.
Huh I wish this place is closer, because I know the bus that brought me here only come for once in an hour, and I do not have car here.


After doing some researches and brainstorm, me and a couple of my friends realized that there is not really many college students coming to the place. Most of the people were communities and family. 
So, we thought "Hmm, isn't Cedar Falls a campus town? We should have more college students here".
Dawn, the owner also agreed that there is not really many college students that are aware of this place.
So we decided to twitch our brain a little and came up with some ideas. 


Cup of Joe provides homemade brewed coffee, pastries, teas, merchandises, and guess what.... live performances!!!! 


I know this is so marketing based, but for the marketing mix, we decided to:
1. Product: add a nutrition label to show the community and educated students that they care about our health, hence providing fresher, less artificial, and locally bought ingredients. 

Ask college students to perform! the jazz bands, the glee club, the dance club, and bring more of their friends to the store. It would sure be an awesome weekend for em!

If I can say, I would add a kind of social in the shop, maybe like 'in house network chat room' where people can greet each other with a machine or TV inside the coffee shop". I don't know actually this is just my idea!
cos I know college students are looking for friends, or chicks? O.o

2. Distribution: let's partner! with UNI's chats, or dining centers, or even catering, extending the existence of Cup of Joe can help the market share to increase!

3. Promotion: do BLOG! do YOUTUBE! do TWITTER! do whatever to increase its existence, hey! social medias are free!
And maybe make student's Cup of Joe Ads competition with interesting titles like (Bring the Joe to TOWN) or something bit less cheesy ;p 

Coupon book! be in it, spread it's name to the freshmen ;p

4. Price: no doubt, I won't change it. I know it's good, I know everyone likes it. so, no change! :)



Doing some events outside the shop like spring picnic with students near the park, or cooperate with students organization to provide coffees during the event like during concerts, or ballroom nights.

The key is: BE FRIENDS.
I am a college student, and I always like it when a store owner treat me as someone close, especially as International student, I don't have many connections here in town, and being friendly and welcoming is the most important key.
Be where I am, write , blog about what's up in the shop.
Share the video of the events on youtube, where the masses are.
Perhaps invite some in town youtubers that sing and make them popular or something. 



Cozy atmospherics, amazing events, popular brand in town, chatting with the clerks and even the owner. What else can you expect? Haven't even mentioned how relaxing the couches are. :)


Quite five minutes of thinking, I sit back and relax, and realize I am still with the Wake up Joe Coffee with ice, snacking the chocolate vanilla cold cake. Yes, in Cup of Joe, where I spend more time these days. 
Relax, hear the voice of the brews, and being greeted by the cashiers. 

What a town, Cedar Falls. What a house, Cup of Joe.

Catherine Au Jong



  1. Photos are all awesome! Keep blogging 'bout this place! Hahah

  2. now I suddenly want a cup of joe! ;)

    I'm sure you get an A for your assignment!


  3. I love studying there! So quaint and cozy.

    XO Hilary Nicole

  4. OMG, the place is awesome

    i feel sorry about your camera. BTW, life must go on :-)

    visit me at

  5. such a lovely place! bring me there when I visit the state!


  6. I love all the pics and lovely place too :)

    Little Berries

  7. I liked it. Well this charming place

  8. The place is so cozy. I could stay there all day long!

    I like the idea of displaying tea, coffee, etc in a rack.

    I love the marketing plans you've made. That's right, I think(:

    Dreamy Princess

  9. it seems to be a great place...

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