Office and the Olden

After weeks without internet, a month of work, 29 hours of workmanship, hours of styling, gazillion effort and patience, finally today we ended the non-traditional fabrication project. Woohoo, everything turned from solely plan and dreams into real fabric, dress even! I am so happy and glad 90% cannot believe I made this out of my hand. Presenting, Office and the Olden:
Top-Link the rubber band together (if possible search for chinese rope game), horizontally, until you create lines of them, then link the lines with vertical linking, same method. Make the fabric, then the shape.

Skirt-Link the top part of the rulers together with X method like sewing almost. continue until it makes a long line of rulers and fit your waist. Then start linking the bottom part of the ruler with other rulers, etc. 
Tie the wires at the end of each side to make it a real skirt!


and here is my model who helped me present my work of art to my fellow classmates
and professor:

(Ramya Varadaraju, Fr. Computer Science, University of Northern Iowa)


adding some touch to it, you can color the whole garment with more colors like red or yellow,
also add the belt to emphasize the waist shape. 
And add the headband! Bow wire+rubber band headband
Yesterday I got some questions about how to make those, SIMPLE! 
Take sooooo much wire, then make them gripped, and tie the middle part, then pull the sides to the ends
shape it as you want it to and use the tied part in the middle to pin it to our hair!



Here is my other classmates' garments:
Jenna - RedBull dress

Sarah with Bethany's Bead vest - Beth with Sarah's Pencil Dress 
n.b. Sarah said that she used more than 300 pencils for that! And those are old pencils from her grandma!

Me and my model! Glad to be done, glad to be glad.
But life continues.... -.-' pif.

Catherine Au Jong



  1. Anonymous3/09/2011

    I love the red bull dress!! All other items are also really cool! Great blog.


  2. so cool!
    You have a great post and I wondering if you want to follow each other

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  3. i honestly like yours the best! so creative, and it looks amazing on you and on your model! i love how you both paired it differently.

    oh and i LOVE that dress you are wearing in the last picture as well!

  4. Whoa >< all the garments in these pictures are really cool! And I love ur design. Rubber top and ruler skirt with wire headband are amazing!! <3


  5. Wow! Seriously it's so creative!


  6. wow!!!

    xoxo from rome

    (there's a GIVE-AWAY)

  7. wow that's one unique design!

  8. wow thats soo cool!!! you are soo creative and talented!! :)

  9. wow! this is so cool. i cant believe you made that! its amazing


  10. so cool you made that !
    i yours is the most creative !

    glisters and blisters

  11. Anonymous3/11/2011

    That looks amazing. Dude - working on that must've been so tedious. Fantastic job

    xo Sherrie

  12. cooool!!!! i love the asymmetry in the skirt. the red bull dress is cool, too. your spring break sounds amazing! i'm going to atlanta - never been there! should be some good eating, and there are a lot of cool museums/places i'm looking forward to visiting.

  13. uh oh! Look at that! awesome!

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