another style and rubber bands

Sorry for have not been updating for a while. I also will soon have a giveaway cooperating with a company :)
It has been cold again out, forcing me to play with layers again. Have been studying harder this week, but eventually I have backaches and lots of aches. That is because... our apartment is now stink and ewwwie. 

We got our apartment flooded on sunday, and since it is carpeted... The water and smell sticks to it. So, we figured we are going to move to other apartment in the same complex. I have spent sometimes during the day to take an outfit of the day pictures, and my half done heavenly project for my creative textile and apparel class.
forever 21 top, zara cardigan, miley cyrus vest, miss 60 jeans,  thrifted hat and unbranded boots.




me and my new apartment's balcony, though the apartment itself is still empty. And, now we are no longer staying at basement, hip hip hooray!

Hold on a second, is this familiar?? It is a rubber band! My project that I have done for my class. Feel so guilty spoiling it before it is done. But, I am sure, by next month you will see it differently than now, as I am gonna make this as a dress with ***** skirt (*Secret still)


There it is: I hope my art can make it to the fashion show, since this is my last elective class so I really hope this one time opportunity will allow me to showcase my idea to others, in order to step by step become a professional designer or creator at least. 
And hopefully by the end of semester I am going to sew. ^^ - small disturbing wishlist

Alright I need to take off, need to move out and write some more papers to continue living as a student. 
Oh ya I would thanks people who has followed me and hopefully I will reply all comments and follow back all of you. I hope I can also improve my blog posts!

Have a great day all :)

Catherine Au Jong



  1. i love your outfit..those boots and hat are awesome but i really love that rubberband top. Its soooo cool!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  2. rubberband?woow so creative..
    i love second pic..u look so lovely

    Hijab Kawaii

  3. i love the outfit. i have the same miley tank! i actually really like most pieces from her miley and max collab!

    i adore your rubberband top! that is so creative! love<3

  4. wow, your rubber band top is really coming on! Your really creative! I I also love your hat too, I'm after a huge floppy straw hat for summer x

  5. wow this top is FAB!

    xoxo from rome

  6. Just came across your blog and I absolutely love it. Your style is amazing, i think yours my be my favorite blog. seriously. following now! check me out and follow back if you like!

    also I can't believe you made that shirt out of rubber bands, so creative!

  7. that rubber band thing is soooo cool! you've done a great job. i love it! and i'm sorry to hear about your apartment.. that sounds gross. /: hope you can move soon!

  8. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! That piece with rubberbands is just SO cool!! Very artistic.

  9. that rubberband top is sooooooo cool! seriously, i have never seen anything like it


  10. u really creative dear...

  11. The rubberband top is AMAZING.

  12. Love your hat in the first picture. That elastic band top must have taken some time but it looks incrediable. Your also really good at photography:)

    If you get some time, check out my blog x

  13. I love this hat! and this project is brilliant!

    I'm following:)
    please check out my blog, and follow if u like:)

  14. love the boots you are wearing in the first outfit. and that top you made looks really cool! and it stretches according to people's sizes too! hehe

  15. Wow! That rubber band top is truly a work of art! Love it!

  16. really heart your style esp for your boots..

    wanna exchange link???

  17. wow, you are so creative ! :) nicee

  18. Love the boots! =)

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