you want to know my treasures?

[Special post for my family and friends]

People said Money can buy everything. I agree, money can buy everything even love. But the question is not what money can buy, how long will it live?

$200 can give you great shoes, $50,000 can give you education. But how long will these live? Until you die, or even before we leave the world. It might be broken or gone.
Even love from money will not last more than a year.

Love I believe is unpurchasable and forever that even if a person die she or he will leave this feeling to others. Love can even heal the world. Love not only for our significant one, but also for family and friends, for the world, for our puppy or for everything. Feeling last long and build you as a living human being.

Never ever say no one loves you, once you are present on this earth there is at least one person in this world that love you a lot.

So presenting you here are my treasures, the ones I believed I love and love me:

These are some of my treasures, and of course there are just a lot more to go. I am blessed to have a lot of people who support me. Very blessed, indeed.

Thanks for helping me change into a better human being, thanks for giving me life.

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. awww what a sweet and lovely post! =)

  2. what a totally sweet post!
    there is a lot of kindness and appreciation in these words ;)

  3. you are so sweet <3 super great post!


  4. awww.. those are the sweetest thing ever! :)


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