so much going on

forever 21 top, claire's acid was jegging and earrings, unbranded jacket and shoes, monaco dress


Believe it or not I have not even passed 1 month of spring 2011 semester. Yet there are so much assignments and exams coming up. This bouncy sicky feeling kills me and my studying mood (*perhaps ;p ).
As I have been getting cold for a week now. And yes, correct I was taking picture outside without wearing any coat (challenging my uncle's criticism last time hehe).
How I wish I can use this weekend to study and study!



Honestly this week has brought me to an island of hope. I smiled, I laughed, I cried, I jumped, and so many things going on. Such things that makes me happy (hey valentine's day is coming up!), things that made me cry (I would keep it secret), stuff that made me afraid (like my marketing professor), and so many other things I am looking forward to see again. as I posted, gals... so much going on!


So I put concept on my outfit: so much going on: the turtle neck top, dress, blazer, jegging, and studded shoes, flowers, all going on. But isn't it fun? 

Catherine Au Jong



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