After a long journey, finally I'm back in Cedar Falls. Seeing friends and school again feels so amazing, especially most of my friends changed their style; Hanan, my exroommate actually cut her hair and switched to glasses. Yeshi, my sister at UNI also colored her hair, and so many new students are ready to rock UNI this semester.

unbranded coat and boots, miss sixty jeans, isp polo top

on the way to Cedar Falls from Chicago, we passed by this small city called Galena, located still in the state of Illinois. This place is super antique and really classy.
As my brother said, it's like London or England kind of.

Until now, I have no idea why my mood dropped and I feel lots of nauseous feeling. Not only that, I found it hard to also dress up. Probably the cold weather are still attacking me.
I hope this can end soon so I can blog better.

and don't forget to enter my giveaway, because tomorrow I'm going to announce the winner!

Hope to see you soon!
Catherine Catarina Au Jong



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