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Probably not much people know that I was and am a debater. Possibly only my friends, family, and some other members of my organization back home, Tarakanita 2 Scientific Progression Club (TSPC) know. Back when I debated often, I always think more philosophical. I was the 1st speaker or we call it prime minister in the debate (asian style or parliamentary). I miss it, thinking about motion (topic) philosophically while my deputy prime minister or the 2nd speaker, is mostly talking about practical arguments.

zara turtle neck top, Thailand ruffle vest, unbranded denims, forever 21 shoes

However, it is different how I view philosophy now. After studying in higher education, I approach philosophy as something more western and historical, personally. Like Plato, Socrates, and those kind of dudes. I have no idea why, but I see philosophy as more than what I used to  think.


I know.. philosophy, bla bla bla. I don't care and it's a boring post! Well apart from that I had quite some fun today! By the way, these pictures are taken by my roommate, Natalie. Thanks Nat!


Again getting back the Cedar Falls I used to have: hanging out with friends and being energized, like possessed by sugar. Or my friends call it intoxicated by sugar *they are mean :D
watched a very strange cartoon called Alpha and Omega where Wolves are singing when they are supposed to be howling. I have no idea what was going on in the author's mind.


Coming back to book. It is the first week of the class but I have so much assignments and quizzes ready to eat me alive. Good thing is.... we have one extra weekend which is the Martin Luther King day.
Though I have no special plan whatsoever to do, but at least I am doing some grocery shopping with my ex roommate tomorrow, Hanan my duuuude (who gave me a very cute birthday present written: Catherine & Hanan Dudes Forever) haha cute right?



#Fashion. As I am taking creative textile and apparel class this semester, we are asked to think and make a non-traditional fabric. And I have been thinking about creating a dress out of film from camera rolls, and maybe another dress made by belts. I still have no idea how am I going to assemble those without sewing it or taping it. But let's see how it goes :)  #Philosophy: it's all in your mind. Right?


Trying to be inspiring, but seems like I'm tired enough to be bright. So let's see if I am going to post anything exciting tomorrow.

Have a great long weekend all!

Catherine Au Jong



  1. Lovely photos!


  2. you have a gorgeous smile!
    happy friday to you!

  3. I love the photos especially the books :) but my favorite one is your first photo.


  4. Cute pics! And I'm absolutely in love with the heels in your last post!

    *From Munich With Love*


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