it'sn't about t tee, but abt t shoes.

Not so stupid to create some grammar errors, but try to create something different. As I traveled Bandung, located on the West Java, I tried to do something different than usual, not to be so obsessed with shop ' a lot ' but rather enjoying the time there. Wallah! yes, I did have time there:

Just to say sorry for the not so good look of my face, I woke up at 5 a.m. forcing myself to prepare to go to Bandung. Yes, it is quite hard for me.

wearing: unbranded top, forever 21 jeggings, Glitz shoes, Louis Vuitton handbag

view on the way to Bandung, very sweet, especially when I enjoyed it with my family in the car. Having a very sweet chocolate bread as a breakfast!

The first outlet we stopped by was Blossom, not so much things there for me.
But if you want more mature clothing, pair of jeans, maxi dresses, I noticed they have a lot here
and more of denim stuff.

After 1.5 years of being separated with tears, finally I got to see my best friend firstly at Rumah Mode.
To tell the story, she was accidentally late to came to my departure at that time, both of us were showered by tears. Such a dramatic one.
But, one of the reasons I had good times, is that because I got to walk around together with her, did a little nostalgia and you know, chit chat kind of thing.

Rumah Mode is basically my favorite, what are you looking for they have it.
They have a lot of Zara stuff, made in Indonesia. "because they produced more than the quota",
that's what my mom said.

One of the thing I have been so tempted to show the world through the web.
surprisingly not many people know what this food is. Tempe, that's what it is called, is from Indonesia
and they are made of soybeans. We usually eat it fried, steamed, and as you want it. 
Hey they are healthy food.

To tell you very short story:
when I was living on campus, one of the guys in the dining center was like afraid of this tempeh 'so called in the States'. He asked me: " Do you know what is this?". so then I answered, : "Yes, this food called tempe, and is made of soybeans, they are from my country!". Then he grossed to the food. 
I noticed, he is not culturally intelligent, let go :))

Cascade was another outlet I visited, though I did not really find interesting stuff there
I mean, hmm, I did, but none of the price bought me ;p
Perhaps this outlet fits more to the career women, like my mom, who stayed there forever! ^^

Heritage is located just next to Cascade, if you are the fan of tees and pajamas,
then it is the right place to go :)
I really like the building, really looks like Indonesia's colonized sites.

another thing I am tempted to show: BECAK
is one of Indonesian traditional public transportation. 

There are so much fun things to tell, but I guess, instead of posting it, I could have made it a book ;p
I am going to meet my best friends tonight, really looking forward to it.
And next, my birthday is tomorrow, I am so excited for the party! Hope that you also have things to 
wait and to enjoy, bloggers!

catherine catarina au jong



  1. Great post and cool photos! Love your bag and shoes! And have a very happy birthday. visit me soon

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  2. OooO I really like the leopard lining in the shoes!! Cute!

  3. such a pretty top on you, I love your shoes especially the leopard that peaks out :)

  4. ihiihi i miss visiting bandungggg.~!
    anw, lovely photos :) and definitely loveeeeeeee your shoes :)

  5. Awww... the shoees so cute :) Great photos! :)

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Love your blog and awesome photos- thanks for sharing :) Happy holidays!

  7. Aw! These photos are adorable, you look so happy! Happy Holidays!

    xx - Lera

  8. cool photos :)

    You can see Hunter boots' spring and summer 11 collections on my blog check them out! (along the interview with Kim Mesches for KIMBO to those of you who haven't seen yet)

  9. LOVE your shoes! is there shearling on them ?!


  10. i love those boots!

  11. I adore your shoes.

  12. The shoes are perfect :D
    It looks like a lovely day and i think it's a great idea to focus on having fun instead of shopping!

    Sjanna from wehavebeenexpectingyou
    Ps. This is also a thank you message for being our follower :)

  13. such a lovely top!! and adore your boots so muchh!! :)

  14. soy food sounds good to me.

  15. great post with great photos! love your birthday cake!

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