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It is December, 24 days away from my birthday. Yet I feel so screwed up, I feel so sick today that I kept on sneezing in classes, but finals are coming.

jacket-black rivet, jeans unbranded, top bossini, sunnies lady gaga, shoes jessica simpsons 


Today I tried to edit picture using the idea of data and digital design. Until now, I haven't seen 
fashion related to computer science, therefore I tried to make it!





I am so happy today, because my professor likes my magazine, and he told me that he wants to help me
to make a better and more real fashion magazine next semester for my portfolio.
At first I was actually surprised, because I am majoring in business, not art. But I guess stuff like this are
chances that I should not leave. My uncle, Jerry, told me who knows that this will perhaps be my future job?

I am so excited! And not only me, I guess some of my friends are willing to model because they like it too
I will learn to take more creative and better pictures so that I can make my own magazine :) So fun!
Anyone interested? ;p

Another thing is, I want to spoil where do I usually take pictures? As I am living in Iowa where the winter is quite cold, I don't dare to take pictures outdoor because once my camera broke after I took picture during snowy day. So, I take picture indoor. And because my apartment is messy *oops ;p so I usually  take pictures somewhere quite embarrassing: my apartment's laundry room

By the way, check out this video! My roommate showed it to me and I found it funny: how asians are creative with poses:

Last but not least, I just made a facebook page for ETINOLOGY,
hope you can like and join it :))

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Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. Very cool, I really like them! Keep up the creativity :)

  2. You are so cute!! I love that video! Haha :-) xoxoxoo

  3. oh i love those shots, you totally got the skill in editing plus that wedges is gorgeous <3


  4. cute photos - i just love the shearling jacket x

  5. loving your coat xxxx

  6. love the coat and wedges!!! great style, just found your blog. following :)

  7. Anonymous12/02/2010

    I love your shearling coat. And the video is absolutely hilarious... and true, haha.

    - sharon

  8. thanks for your comment.
    nice outfit, love it
    I like your blog very much, maybe we can follow each other :)


  9. I like youtr jacket!!xx

  10. Nice outfit so cool :) have a nice day! :)


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