magnificent mile

Departed at Chicago, after facing two hours drive from Wisconsin and three hours traffic jam to downtown Chicago. It is such a terrible day to travel, I mean it was super frustrating to be stuck in such heavy traffic.
It is a different feeling that I get now, more like a feeling of home.
Unlike Wisconsin, Chicago feels more metropolis and more crowded. True, I am that kind of person that do not live in such tranquility.

Anyway, I would share to you some pictures we took today, the foods, the shops, and magnificent mile, Michigan Avenue.

zara dress, forever 21 jeggings, nike shoes from my brother, unbranded coat, forever 21 bag, 
claire's earmuffs. 

as for lunch today, we went to Penang: a Malaysian restaurant at Arlington Heights, IL. My roommate from Malaysia was super excited til she felt that her tummy was about to explode.
But yes, it was a satisfying lunch even for me and my other friend from China.

I like this day, except for the fact that it was a bad traffic and rain that we faced. Horrible rain! But I like seeing lights and feeling on the magnificent mile.

And HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all! Tomorrow we are going to have a thanksgiving dinner in my uncle and aunt's house. And yes, I always love it. <3

Hope you all have a great thanksgiving!

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. nice your blog

  2. the food looks so good im hungry!

  3. oh so christmassey x

  4. Happy Thanksigiving.
    Gorgeous pics... They make me feel like I need an holiday!!!
    If you want we can follow each other.

  5. Lovely photos! And the food looks delicious<3

    ♥ kisses ♥

  6. omg those ear muffs are sooo cute! and love the pics, it looks so pretty with all the christmas lights up in the city. have a great thanksgiving!

  7. love the outfit.
    im so hungry rightnow because of the foodpicture!
    i like your blog.
    if you have time, check out my blog:


  8. Fried Kway Teow and Hainan chicken <3 MMM. Beautiful photos hun x
    (I hope I spelt that correctly LOL)
    francesca (

  9. You look so pretty! can I have your mufflers please? ^____^ just kidding. It's just so cute!!

  10. Great photos. I've never been there before! The food looks great as well :) I'm hungry now!


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