Today is such a very lazy day, since the morning the sky was so dark.
I do not enjoy darkness, because my eyes cannot see.. cannot see everything.
I do not like lazy no pace day.. Seems unproductive at all.

wearing: babydoll top- thrifted, tanktop- from mom, unbranded cardigan, pants- mango, shoes-joey. accessories- forever 21

Plan of studying these days is not successful. I always feel lousy and sleepy, hmm.. I do not know how to deal with myself. 
I hope this feeling get off soon, I need to read books!

Let everything comes again to incipience.. I wish.

The thing I want to show you today actually is not my outfit: not my top, nor my shoes. But my earring.

This earring is one of my most favorite earring of all. I got it from Jessica Simpson, it is really elegant and classic. I love it. 
And everytime I wear this earring, it always drag my mood to classic and calm. That's why today's outfit is a kind, it controlled my outfit. 

Any how, I want to tell you that I am so excited about next week, because we are going to have Cultural Clothing day, in which, 'again' I am going to wear kebaya, Indonesian cultural clothing. I love it a lot, and so I am going to class with it, and walk on fashion show held by International Student Association. 
*typo there: existing - not exisiting. 

And this is a video that I made today when I was walking around campus from my business building to 23rd street market, please enjoy ;p

So, I guess I need to get back to study.. Possibility of taking late nap.
Hope you have a great weekend!

Love ya!

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



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