Give me some Glitters

Finally it is Thanksgiving break. Even though I am still stressing out with my final assignments and studies since I am leaving earlier than finals.
What are your plans for thanksgiving? As for me, because my university has a week break, me and my friends are going to Wisconsin dells to the indoor waterpark and Chicago to meet my family and friends
and of course to HUNT some good stuff during black friday.
wearing: batik top, ruffle scarf, unbranded skirt, faded glory glitter stocking, forever 21 studded heels

I feel so bad, these days it is so tough to take picture outdoor, since the weather is getting worse now. The temperature is always below 30 degree F, (0 celcius). I am freezing cold. 

Apart from that, though, 
I went to the premiere for Harry Potter yesterday night. Waiting in line outside for 4 hours and another 2 hours inside the theater itself. 
It was an amazing experience and I tell you, HP is amazing! This episode is one of my fave!
Here's the report:
The line on 1 side (only) while the line was going around the whole building! crazy? no, just fan.

friends team of HARRY POTTER MANIA

Though it was 28F there and we waited a long time, I managed to rest and study a bit lol

Also, bunch of people actually dressed up! *in certain way ;p

And as for today, we celebrated my roommate,Natalie's graduation..
It was fun whereas girls were wearing pajama and danced on bollywood movies ^^

That is about the hectic week. I need to start sleeping to prepare energy for studying tomorrow.
I feel so stressed out. I hope I can ace all these frustration!

By the way, this is one of my scratch video I made with new sucky movie maker. I just learned how to use more professional video editor today. Eva, my friend who is experienced in those stuff taught me today
I will make that video as my final assignment, so I will show you as soon as I am done with it:

What do you think?

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. i LOVe PURPLe!!
    u diD a VeRy GReaT tiMe witH yOuR FRieNDs..

    ViSit Me:

  2. love your outfit! you have a bold style!

  3. was harry potter good? and love your outfit!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  4. You look beautiful!

    Kisses and thank you for your sweet comment! :)

  5. love the outfit! so cute!

    thanks for stopping by xx

  6. i like very much your post, outfit and shoessss !!!
    thks for your comment on my blog,,,,hope you will visit me again!!!

    I just wait to see your next post !!

    KIss KISS from Romania :*:*:*

  7. waw I have a dress with the same motif top your top :)

  8. Loving the ruffle scarf!

  9. Looks like you had a great time!

    Maryjane xoxo

  10. Great pics! they make me smile :) Your outfit is gorgeous too. Now following you xx

  11. hahha to the centaur!

  12. wow look at that line. looks like it was freezing cold!


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