It's a great weekend feeling, even though still miscellaneous stuff to do are A LOT.
I'm so excited because I'm going home in a month, I mean ... to Indonesia :)
I've been overjoyed that I couldn't sleep and making lists of what to do, where to go, what to eat as soon as I arrive there.
I realize though, some of my time there's gonna be serious stuff, but anyhow anyway. I enjoy the feeling of going home.

wearing: knit sweater- Forever XXI , tights- claire's, shoes -GOSH indonesia, Hat- Claire's

Sorry for the low quality picture, I took that with my cell phone. I will just going to show you the reason why this post is called flush

1. I just aced 5 exams in the past week and some activities that kills me 
2. I went to watch paranormal activity 2 today, as well as flushing excitements during the day
I am so happy!!

This is the bus station in my university - preparing to go to college square.
I enjoy taking bus a lot, because I feel more like in the foreign land while I do that!

I feel a lot better after I'm done with exams! 
Please learn from my mistake: I was sleep deprived during the week, hence....
I was half unconscious while doing the exam.
Please sleep enough!

Today I went to a multicultural night in my university, let me share to you some cool findings:
                                      Sombreros!                                     African (Mali) historical purse!!

and finally... I ended the day with watching the bugs life at the asian guys' house
It was a lot of fun!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Catherine Au Jong



  1. love your pictures :)


  2. great shots and amazing pictures <3


  3. love your tights! :)



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