only love matters

Pretty fall days~ reminds me year passed already

I am a big fan of LOVE.

I love my family, friends, and any other possible human or non human being
that are lacking or having an excess love.

everyone possible to be loved.

Because I said.. I am a big fan of love.

I love smile, and pursuing happiness
in effort spreading happiness
to change the world

but most importantly,
humans' hearts and mindset

SMILE! give yourselves a chance to be happy

Laugh! from the bottom of your heart
give out the color to the world!

Give your warmth to other, and hold them tight
never leave them alone, abandoned in such brisk coldness. 

Does not matter what color you are, everyone needs love.

Don't ask for love in the first place.. but give it to others . That's what all you gotta do.

Then it's all about time.
they are all going to smile, we will too.

don't ask me.


because only LOVE matters.

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. WOW! The first photo is gorgeous. Love the leaves.


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