Wearing: blazer- up to date Indonesia, tank- zara,  capris-old navy, purse-liz clairborne, 
shoes- steve madden, sunglasses- A'gaci

Acessories by Forever XXI

Today I created some rings and some of them are recycled stuff 
(stuff that I supposed to dispose)

Minnie mouse pendant that I never used...

stickers of flowers :) as connector ring

CATH statement ring

Unused ribbons

This one is not recycled, but I took it out from a pendant 

Making rings are so so addictive, I kept on doing it for hours but I really enjoyed it!!
I'm looking forward to make more rings
actually I made a necklace as well, I will show you later on!! ~ my friend, Irene, taught me to play around with accessories' tools so that now I can utilize those!

I'm going off studying decision technique and MIS for my business classes. 

QUESTIONS for today:
If you can describe yourselves as a fashion item, what are you:
a. pumps
b. belts
c. rings
d. tank top



  1. Pumps--ALL THE WAY. They show power, confidence, and character. And it is not merely wearing them, it is how you walk in them...there is a certain art to pulling them off. It is not just an accessory that you put on and forget about--it is a part of you!

  2. I'd say pumps.. but not regular ones, the strange and crazy ones, with lots of colours and stuff ;p

    and i love your creativity =D

  3. Love ur creativity here!! all rings are fab!

    P.S i think i would be pumps!

  4. lovely blazer and pants.xx

  5. fun things! making rings is a lof of fun I agree. I think if i was a fashion item I'd be a tank top :D

  6. nice rings <33

    I am definitely the pumps !

  7. LOVELY! you look great with that pants and blazer. and WOW, you're so creative!


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