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It has been a long weekend!! ~ HOMECOMING week
I fall in love with my University so much.

Photo taken by my roommate in front of Lang Hall ( the language hall)

wearing: top- forever xxi, jeggings- forever xxi,  ankle boots- forever xxi,  accessories- forever xxi
(?!?! I just realized I wore all forever xxi!!)

some homecoming pictures:

Panthers (my university) won on volleyball game against Drake University or The Bulldogs.

Final Panther Pride Cry - my friend, Eva, was the one that created the songs and coreography
for her organization, Student Admission Ambassador.
They got the 2nd place!
and they are the winner:
some crazy epic shows during the night!!

not to mention how crowded it was!!!
and firework stuff:
The fireBall!!!!
cutest firework ever!!

Campaniling, is one of the tradition
at 11:45 students and all can come to the campanile in the middle of campus
waiting till12:00 until the campanile play the bell and everyone kiss their loved ones.
I was closing my mouth the whole time, better no guy kiss me!!!
Some random people can kiss you, so... better be careful ;p 

in the morning on saturday, we have float display in front of the Alumni house

ISA, my organization, joined it
and we just figured out, our mural painting:
got the FIRST PLACE!! hooray hooray!!!!~

I did not watch the football game, but PANTHER football ATE UP ILLINOIS STATE UNIVERSITY, the REDBIRDS.. >.<
SO we won the games during homecoming!!! 

It's a very pleasant weekend and I enjoyed it a lot.
Hope you do too

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



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