Elegance and Creativity Fall 2010

Alexis Mabille , Fall Couture 2010
I think it really fits anyone as long as you can bring the attitude on to the stage!
Really classy, but we are back to the vintages don't we?

After browsing for quite a while, I found some pretty neat outfit for Fall
we are going to leave Fall soon, but does not mean that we cannot wear it now right?

These days I've been loving furs and elaborates stuff compared to last summer.

Armani Prive , Fall 2010
For some reasons, I adore this outfit because it is so creative ! the upper part is so 

Dior , Fall 2010
This is actually really cute, even though the leaves are no longer there
we can still have this spirit!

Burberry Prorsum
The style I adore this fall, but I haven't get a high boots at all!! duh I am so LAME

This is my today's report :)
hope you enjoy your day

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. loving the burberry one for sure :)
    your outfit on the last post is adorable!

  2. wow those are very eye catching.. i love them!

  3. among all of them, Armani one stole my heart!
    and Dior doesn't really work! it looks cheap!


    followed your blog catherine!
    mind to follow/link back?


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