4-inches Drumming

Yes, as you read the title you might be like, "what the heck is she talking about?"
Today I performed drum and choir in the church
it went pretty well, some minor mistake, as long as I smile who cares?

- 4 inches heels while drumming.. feels good!

wearing: satin top - the executive, black skinny pants- atmosphere, ankle boots- forever 21, 
black blazer- forever 21

That's how I look when I played the drum ;p

Ring from Mohair Pear.

I just got a new manual camera today, I will show you later tho.
Huh tomorrow is monday, see if I have time this week.. I really want to make 7days7outfits posting :(

Oh well!

How's your weekend going?? Must be pretty awesome right?

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



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