Blog award

Thanks for Sophiasa for the blog award:

I feel so honored, because this will be my 1st blog award.
wooohooo!! :)

Thank you so much.

And I would like to list 7 random facts about me:

1. I love 60 watts light bulb - yellow colored because I don't like darkness

2. I grow up with music and dance: organ, traditional dance, ballet, modern dance and hip hop, drum, vocal,
and traditional musical instruments

3. I have at least 7 cultural clothes (3 from my country, and 4 from other countries)

4. I love red color because it always energizes me: love being the spotlight ^^ hohoho who does not, right?

5. I am allergic to medicines: antibiotic, paracetamol, and some ointments 

6. I HATE cucumber and papaya the most because they stink.

7. Spring is my favorite season, next is winter, and fall and summer is the least!

and I would tag some people that also deserve this award:

They are all great bloggers that inspire me a lot :D awesome.




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