Working with the 'T'

I'd say today I worked with the T. I really love wearing t-shirt and shorts during summer.
I'm now in Dallas and it's hotter than the temperature back home in Indonesia , and here it's humid too.

The sad part is, I'm not really good dealing with T-shirts. I always end up using it ala whatever.

But today.. I tried.. well I know it's not that genius whatsoever, but at least I tried right?
I hate summer for not letting me do much things on clothing, it's all have to be open and yeah.. blame it to the sun that approaches us these days.

Danmark top - Denmark, Denim Short - zz I forget the brand, Scarf - Sam Moon, Shoes-Steve Madden , 
bag- Liz Clairborne

(me and my summer break boyfriend, Tristan Lee LOL!)

I'm so happy today
You know what? Cos I'm done with my summer classes tho in a week I'll be back for FALL SEMESTER!!
this is gonna be my 4th semester of college life. 
I'll take another 18 credit hours, 7 classes this semester.. and so excited on my photography and public speaking class!! hooray!
Live prosper to be a sophomore >.<

I will go back to Chicago in 3 days :( I will miss my family here.. 
and tomorrow I'm going to go to Hawaiian Waterpark with my cousin, Sean Matthew. 

How was your day??
Another question: when did you blog the first time?

Love ya!

Catherine Catarina Au Jong 



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    Pick your prize, saying AWARD, if you want. It’s for your blog.

  2. Thanks Vicen for featuring me in your blog!!
    I'm so happy <3

  3. You look cute as always!
    I know what u mean with t-shirts, i never wear them myself because ir seems very hard to style them and make them look nice! but sometimes, thats all you wanna wear to be comfortable right!
    have a good trip back! and good luck for fall semester!

  4. Thanks for the link, I congratulate you for your blog.

  5. thanks for your comment chaterine :) have a nice day

  6. hiiii sorry for replying verry verry late
    thx 4 ur comment :) like ur clogs


  7. btw i've linked u and followed ur twittr :) link and follow me back pls @evansbrenda ! :)

  8. so cute! love the danish tee :D

  9. Hello!

    Thank you for your lovely comment and following!

    Some cool photos you have here~!


  10. Very cute ensemble,i love the vibrant red t-shirt :D it really stands out from your cool outfit :D and haha,i love your blog banner.Very funky :D

    -by the way,love the blog,very cool.So i'd love to be a follower :D it would be awesome if you checked out my blog too,as i love getting new readers and followers all the time :D Thanks :D


  11. You look good in t-shirts...

  12. aww, i feel the SAME EXACT way about summer. it's been so sweatyyyyyy that i can't wear anything i want to wear :(

    good luck next semester! i am going back to school next thursday too :(
    come visit and follow too! <333

  13. Such a cute outfit! Yayy for having a bit of time off!! :D :D

  14. thanks to you the basic tee now looks extraordinary :D

  15. Anonymous8/11/2010

    Oo, I just love red shirts...

  16. i love your outfit and ur shirt ^^ i love the photos ^^ i blogged years ago XD

  17. I like how you tucked the shirt. The summer has been so hot. I'm typically wearing shorts and a t-shirt also.

  18. I love t-shirts. I think they're so simple and comfortable. You look real cute!

  19. Great post! I love the simple t-shirt and shorts. So awesome!!


    I first started blogging in 2006. It was an appreciation blog to a So You Think You Can Dance.

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  20. Like your outfit, hyped it on lb! :) And photography class that sounds amazing!! Well darling i'm now following you back with bloglovin'! Hope you have an amazing day!

  21. i love your hair as much as i love your outfits.

    want to exchange links?:)

  22. so adorable :)

  23. great pics !
    The T-Shirt is lovely :) xoxo <3


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