Relaxed Pace

This was the result of opening youtube video on
how to do make up
haha what do you think???
I still try to do better than this :) because I still feel it's kind of weird on me

How are you today?
I'm relaxing the pace today 
I've been doing nothing and singing whatever :p

Now I have to watch the movie Gandhi to make a paper out of it!!
2 more paper, 1 more quiz, and a final left :)
I think I can finish it!! :D

Tank - Bisou bisou , Skirt and suspender with belt - unbranded (from my mom), Bag- Liz Clairborne , 
Scarf - Sam Moon (Korean store), 
Watch - Elle, Accessories - Forever XXI, Hair accessories -Claire's
Shoes- Steve Madden , Necklace- unbranded Hello Kitty

Quite hectic and stressful days these days
I've been hearing weird voices
Last night I heard like a kid singing next to me (in the wardrobe) 
I wonder if it's just an imagination or something's wrong with my ear
Really need to find out!

Very antique. Suggested by my grandma :)
Believe it or not my grandma was a model when she was young
haha so she claimed that her choice will never be wrong ;p

So, it's saturday
Lazy saturday.. How have you been this week?

I have a question
If you get to choose between

Lens for camera / SLR camera  OR   a pair of shoe

Which one will you choose? Why?

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. What a cute outfit - love the suspenders!

    Hmm...tough choice between the lens or the shoes. I'm thinking lens. A great lens can be life changing! Though I suppose a great pair of shoes could be too...hmm...

  2. I love it. I know you'll finnish all of your tests! And pass with flying colors!

    I've always wanted a skirt with suspenders. The combination is just so cute! And I also adore those antique shoes. Fabulous!

    You look amazing as always!


  3. I love your couches and your shoes!

    And I would choose the slr camera because it'll last longer :P. But I know some girls just have a weakness for shoes

  4. Thanks for the comment!! :)
    I'd love lens/speedlite!
    They are my current wishlist

  5. love your smile.. such animated photos!! :D great! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. I would DEFINITELY choose the camera gear - but having said that, I am a freelance photographer haha. But it's true, you get better value out of cameras than shoes!

  7. Hi!
    Thanks for your comments!
    Your website is so cute! I love it!
    I'm following you of course!

    Take care!



  8. love your skirt with suspender.. :)

    i dont have SLR camera therefore I dont have to buy new lens... So.. I will buy new shoes..hehehe

  9. which lens and which shoes are you talking about? i love your blog and followed it.

  10. I'd go for a camera. A pair of shoes, as tempting as they are, you can always get them later, maybe even vintage ones in thrift stores with lower price! a camera is something that'll be useful for your blog and everything else. :)

  11. Hi Catherine, thanks for following my site, your blog is incredible.
    There is a place for your blog LOOK 10.

  12. Depends on what lens vs. what pair of shoes. Note: I wear shoes for years, and the most expensive shoes I have had an original price tag of close to $400. I have a pair of colehaans I spent $130 on that I purchased in 2003, and they're finally beyond repair. Trying to find the exact pair to replace them, but looks like Colehaan doesn't make them anymore in brown (just in black).

    There are very few blogs I follow religiously, although I do drop by a lot at least once. I much prefer people take photos that are different from each other, so I can see how the clothes are worn. Just seeing outfit photos in the same pose day after day is boring. I like the energy and sense of fun in your pictures. So I'll give you a couple of weeks to see if you're a keeper for my blogroll. ~_^

  13. ...well that was a fast response.

    BTW, is that house actually in Dallas city limits or in a suburb? My parents live in Frisco, and I swear, from the pictures, it has to be the same layout, or at least the same builder. I was like O____O when I noticed.

  14. Am from Texas. Not were. All my coworkers in Japan call me "Texas" instead of Kevin. :P

    ...your readers are going to be very confused, so I'll let them know the conversation is half happening at my blog at

  15. Okay, this is my last post for the day, I swear...

    It wasn't a grammar thing exactly. Once a Texan, always a Texan. Unless you're dead. :P

    I'll be a Texan until the day I die, no matter where I am living at the time. :D

  16. i agree with ur grandma ! that shoes is so fantastic !! i think u got ur natural talent from her :)


  17. oh, for answer ur question, i'd rather choose new lense for SLR camera !! :)

  18. that's awesome! id love to see a pic of ur grandma when she modeled! nice furry rug and sofa! those shoes are amazing!

  19. them shoes are great

  20. lovely pictures! and those shoes are quite cute. I'd choose a camera, cuz whats the point of having so much nice clothes if you don't have a good camera to take pictures of them? :)

  21. I love the pictures you take! Super cute!

  22. i will DEFINITELY without a doubt choose the DSLR:) i think it will go a super long way, and you can always get shoes later on:) and oh, DSLRS take prettier pics!

    you are so cute btw, glad to have discovered your site:)

    hope you can come visit/follow me, if you'd like:)


  23. cute outfit and photos! lovee your shoes!
    if your camera is still in good condition, buy a pair of shoes then! Buy what u really need it :P

  24. great photos!! and lovely outfit!! i really love your bag and shoes!!

  25. I wish i could dress as good as you do

    much love

  26. You're grandma's right, the shoes are great!

  27. cute shoes! and nice bag too :)


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