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I am doing my paper on moral encouragement for my ethic class and guess who I'm doing it on?
AYA KITO! maybe she's not famous.. but let me tell you
She was the girl who dealt with her disease, ataxia,  which came to be known ruining her life when she was 15 years old. And unfortunately she died on her age 26 with a book titled one liter of tears.

I'm trying to connect how her action such as sustaining her normal life while still loving her life as well as her environment as to respect human life and fighting discrimination that she faced, to moral encouragement.
What moral action did she do that changed the world? - I said it was her bravery to fight her disease and be normal to show the world that even though ataxia ruined her body, but it does not ruin her life, and thus people have to respect human's life. She said KEEP LIVING..

anyway. back to ME.
I'm so frustrated on my messy paper, 'currently' so let me post some pictures taken yesterday

It's my top that become a problem: it was from a thrift store (again. uh?!) and I thought " wow I think this top can be a good source of styles" (I mean I can play with it)

But I got a trouble, you know yes I love fashion, but doesn't mean I'm good with it right?
So I hope you can give me some IDEAS how would you play with this top other than what I did??

Top - Sears. Green trousers- Giordano.. Red peep toe heels- Joey from Ross. 
Necklace- Max Axazria and Miley Cyrus Walmart.. Red Flower Brooch- Claire's 

That was one of my rare experiment of make up -ing. 
So I think it kinda look odd, but haha please teach me how to do proper make up
since I'm such an amateur on it.

and so, how do you feel today? I did take some break while writing this blog and tidied up my paper :)) it feels better now, but still very wondering if my paper will work on the topic.
Any suggestion?? Because seriously I have no interest on neither famous historical person, nor interviewing other people that change the world ;(

How would you work with this white top? 
yes it is simple.. therefore I believe that there are lots of ways to play with it! :))

catherine catarina au jong



  1. I love all your pics, you look great. I want your shoes they are stunning! xx

  2. your outfit's great. love the accessories pics:)

  3. cute shoes and I love the over sized shirt!!

  4. I have been looking for a top like that- ugh I'm so jealous!

    Thanks for your comments, by the way :D

  5. wow, i'm crazy for those green pants and red shoes- just fantastic!! xx

  6. Oooh so cute! I love your pants!! And hmm...I think I would have done it the same way....

  7. I love those shoes!! I have a pair similar, but I might be liking yours more... :)


  8. Sounds like your going to have a good essay :). And, personally, I would cut and shred the white top so it's more detailed. I love distressed detail on a white shirt!

  9. pairing it up with green jeans is not a bad idea, you look chic! hmm perhaps you can try rocking it with a skirt, with only one side slipped into the skirt. or with a fabulous jacket. or simply with shorts and killer heels. :p

  10. Anonymous8/06/2010

    Hey,i love ur outfit today! Have a blast day

  11. Lovely photos, and nice outfit :-)

  12. love your outfit!! the colors you chose are wonderful together!! and i love the detail photos!! killer heels and amazing accessories!!

  13. Beautiful! You look beyond amazing!
    Those shoes are so fabulous!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


    P.S. Good luck on the paper!

  14. Killer shoes! Check YouTube to begin your makeup works ;)XO,BarbieJunk

  15. those shoes are amazing! :)

  16. i really like your outfit and your photos ^^ they look so professional and neat :3

  17. hello cath, ini venny :)
    i really love your heels.
    wanna steal it! :P

  18. cool outfit!
    those shoes and the accessories are amazing =)

    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!


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