well this might contradict my own stance

Today I feel so blue and stupid.. like failure on everything I do.
I feel just , bad. and everything.

I hope I can just have a friend to talk the one that understand me,
tho I hope my buddies can talk.
I know it's hard and tough I've been writing a lot in my diary today but that bad mood still just
can't let out.

Tomorrow is my test day. I am so stressed out its approximately hundreds of pages , 5 chapters about
the Romans and Medieval era. :(( not good, not fun, not ready.
But summer is about to end and I'm not even on my target , way far., too far

let me just post some pics of my collection in Illinois. [I just want to say I have more in Iowa and Jakarta ;p]
I took it yesterday, but whatever. ;p

earrings - don't have as much because in Indonesia I'm allergic to earrings other than original gold

My bracelet collections mostly bought in the US
and I miss my collection back home :(

alice in wonderland bracelet - other random bracelets bought cheap deal ;p
my fave one. I bought it for $3, and I saw one in Macy's 
it was just the same exactly, it costs $21

my headbands: the black one was from mangga dua, Jakarta
and the leopard pattern bought at Claire's .. one of my fave store

Rings, these day I'm just a beginner starting to love rings
and everyday I always wear 1 special ring written 'BEST' from
my special friend, she is a diva.. she has the 'FRIEND' one. 
cool. ;p

my necklace collection. Not much, need to get those back home.
Left one was from my debate coach and his wife (Ko Eri n Ci Leny) - 
heart and key got it from Walmart ;p
the shell I got it from Hawaii
and the one on the right was from Gaudi, Jakarta (need special day to buy it)

going to the US, I love hair pins and stuffs like that, tho some of them were brought from Jakarta
like the minnie mouse and daisy I bought them in R.S. PIK (hospital lol!!)
The Happy house rabbit
and the rest I got it from Claire's or in Honolulu ^^

There you go.. the supermassive black hole!

1. Tutti Frutti Ring Pink color :D
2. Alice in Wonderland Bow Bracelet
3. Playing Card Bracelet - Alice in Wonderland

This is my fave one: Alice in wonderland necklace. :D 
very elaborate!

Nice to know I have this much collection in Illinois.
What do you think is the cutest??

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



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