Woohoo ~ today I went to Starved Rock at Southern Illinois
and the journey? Don't ask it took us 2 hours 1 way just  to go there.

I was so not in the mood today, especially.
ahhh don't ask. just a lot of random silly things happened. 

when I arrived there, it was a very long walk for my grandpa just to get to the visitor center
it was kinda pity tho, cos as soon as we got there his leg lost power and
maybe.. he nearly fainted!

So.. yea. four of us did walk for 2 1/2 hours. 
It was not bad, I mean compared to colorado, the snow shoeing in rocky mountains
which made me throw up and got a nose bleed. 
It was very high that I can feel the sun just right above my head.
and not only that, the height made less oxygen supplied up there... and
besides.. that time I was fasting , I had no meat... :((

so yea. Let's begin the journey:

was still red.. and powerful ;p

Above the Starved Rock itself

and we started the Canyon thing.. and there was the forest

Gosh! This place is soooo pretty
I enjoyed it so much
and yea by the way
I was so lucky to buy that skater shoes!! It was only $17 (well not cheap but not expensive too) 
for sport shoes
and it is skechers,, besides...... It is waterprooof!!!!
So I was the only one that did not get wet today ;p

I felt just like in fairytale
by that time I said I wish I wore tinkerbell's costume.
It really fits those areas.

and some random but awesome wildlife
Fungus - Parasites!! :(( euuw

spider!!! rooar ?!# wrong sound

and duh! we faced lots of steep stairs seriously!!

looks like in fairytale isn't it??

and It was also an amazing spot to sit

I love this picture of my grandma
Oh yea by the way we nearly lost our grandma
since she walked so fast
and she left us when we were taking pictures
and Fiefie, my aunt, shouted her name
but she did not reply
she is so naughty, isn't she?

There you go! The Starved Rock!!!! >.<

Pretty Eagle sight seeing spot, Lovers Leap

and so that's it
tho it was weird today I tried the mood ring
and it says that my mood is romantic?
what the heck?!?!

How's your weekend?? Anything cool?

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



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