Transformer 3 Rocks Chicago!

Today I went to China town and Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

Basically I went there because they were doing a filming and stuffs so,, they had some sets over there
and the bridge: I adore it so much! Looks so cool

Even though no actor there and not much special set (I bet it's all made by computer - pretty much)
But I enjoyed

again the HEAT was killing me , I walked through the road just so I could see the sets.. But seriously, it was too hot, even though it was only 82F, but still walking and humidity (rain!!) made me kept on sweating!! >.<

Just right in front of the China Town

(Headband - DIY from shoelace , Jumpsuit - Gaudi, Tie - no brand , Bag - SLR bag, Platform Sandals - Forever 21, Bracelet headband - no brand, Watch- Elle, Key Connector Ring- Forever 21)

around China town: today I got green tea yogurt from joyee!

me and Chicago town , and one of the set for Transformer 3

amazing bridge! love it!

pretty view <3 from near marina tower

Wrigley's tower, Chicago Tribune, and Michigan Avenue

staffs on the shooting place!

The cars *cool cars* ready to act!


So, yea! I did have a nice day! How about you? How's summer going???

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



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