Transformer 3 Rocks Chicago!

Today I went to China town and Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

Basically I went there because they were doing a filming and stuffs so,, they had some sets over there
and the bridge: I adore it so much! Looks so cool

Even though no actor there and not much special set (I bet it's all made by computer - pretty much)
But I enjoyed

again the HEAT was killing me , I walked through the road just so I could see the sets.. But seriously, it was too hot, even though it was only 82F, but still walking and humidity (rain!!) made me kept on sweating!! >.<

Just right in front of the China Town

(Headband - DIY from shoelace , Jumpsuit - Gaudi, Tie - no brand , Bag - SLR bag, Platform Sandals - Forever 21, Bracelet headband - no brand, Watch- Elle, Key Connector Ring- Forever 21)

around China town: today I got green tea yogurt from joyee!

me and Chicago town , and one of the set for Transformer 3

amazing bridge! love it!

pretty view <3 from near marina tower

Wrigley's tower, Chicago Tribune, and Michigan Avenue

staffs on the shooting place!

The cars *cool cars* ready to act!


So, yea! I did have a nice day! How about you? How's summer going???

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. Love your outfit! Where in Iowa are studying? I'm in Ames going to Iowa State.

  2. Cool! I'm studying at University of Northern Iowa (UNI) and living in cedar falls
    But now I'm in chicago just for summer break!! :) I love your style too


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