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It's a very tiring day today, I got a headache and stuffs like those. And I was so hungry. But I enjoyed it.

Today I went to Patti's house, she's my uncle's sister who live in Brookfield, IL
She has a very authentic house and so comfy too! :D I love how she decorated it, and by the way she also collects Barbies! Just like me :D we found lots of similarities already .. and she said maybe we were just a separated born ;p

Me- Patti - Jessica- Fiefie
at Patti's house

After that, we went to a chinese restaurant down by the street, and headed to Brookfield zoo. I heard it was one of the best zoo, founded by Kalahari group. 

It was a very hot day, I believe the temperature reached 100ish Fahrenheit, maybe 35-39 celcius (can't believe that states can be much hotter than back home * )
I kept on sweating , so did the rest of the fam. Well but life should keep on going right?
So I decided to keep walking and just drink as much as possible
And it works. 

But unfortunately, during this kind of weather, animals do not go out much, most of them were just sleeping or hidden in their homes :(
Though I can see some, but not much
Everyone was just lazy and sleeping 

I bet spring will be the best season for zoos, unfortunately that's my college time too

Hey I'd bring you some animals that I adore:
This Leopard's fur looks just like my scarf's prints. :D 
When I found it, I kept thinking about it!

The sea lion , even though now it seems like 'otak2' but anyway
They are so cute, I love seeing it especially from underwater
they look so happy and the water was so refreshing!

Maybe this is pretty common.
But, dolphin's one of my favorite animals. I love them because they can help you, and they also are playful!
I have one dolphin doll , jumbo one back home, and her name is Dolphinia.
Usually I climbed on her back and she brought me swim :p I miss her <3

The POLAR BEAR! don't you think that bath just look so perfect?
I really envy them! :(( Well. I love them too, because they're so strong yet seems friendly ^^

Believe it or not, frog's one of my fave animal too! 
It reminds me when I was in school my family loves to do frog hunting around our area back home
We had them at the pool in our home, and they jumped to the 2nd floor, right in front of my brother's bedroom :D 

The zoo was nice, but I wish they have more animals to show, like 5-10 in a cage or so. 

My style for today:

Looking for style especially in a very hot condition is very tough! :(
You need to wear minimum and no dark colors too.
At first I wore my leggings, and it was black, my family advised me not to do so because it's extremely hot out :( -- see! I hate summer!

So I wore my aunt's white short pants and I think it still rocks

My look for today* 

( Sk8r shoes~ Skechers  - Bangles ~Navy Pier - Watch~Elle )

(Top ~ no brand - Short ~ aunt's - Bow clip ~ Faded Glory - Earrings~ Forever 21 )

Special guest:

Necklace of My face on it ~ Jakarta.

It was a nice day, by the way!! and NO! tomorrow I have to face my last exam on western Civilization done online :( please pray for me.
But I will also go to downtown .. to see the filming of transformer done at the magnificent mile (Michigan Avenue)

Hope I can give the best updates on it ;p

See you later and have a great day! 

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



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