Shopaholic: Crisis or disease??

Says who SHOPAHOLIC is not an issue? It is. Billions and trillions of money spent each week or even days. Still hard to believe the increasing number of youth that are crazy and shopping excessively.

Lot's of stealing cases happening, believe it or not, the cause was because they needed money to buy new clothings or apparels. Do you think this is a morality crisis? or do you think this 'behavior' of trying to look great in front of others is a psychological disease??
Lets find out!

Today I did an interview with 2 girls, Blenda and Cynthia, about Shopaholic and what it is :

Hei! What do you think shopaholic is and what are the symptoms?

Blenda: Being crazy about shopping! Though they have not enough money but they'd but it anyway .. and in the end they won't use it anyway because they just have too much of those.

Cynthia: Crazy about shopping (woo! same!) and they don't care how much it is, besides they'll also buy things that they have already even if it's quite the same, always hunt for latest fashion item and do not make some budgeting. Ya those're the symptoms.

Blenda Beatrice, 18 years,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Do you think SHOPAHOLIC can be classified as a kind of disease??
Blenda: YES
Cynthia :  No, because basically all girls love to shop, it's just every one has different kind of taste and interests.

Then why do you think people can shop excessively?
I think it's because most of the time they are being the victim of fashion, always want to look fashionable, and don't want to lose prestige from others. Look trendy and up to date! Always want to have the latest style or mode. (Cynthia)

What do you think are the guys' opinion about shopaholic girls!! (*hei danger zone! :p)
Blenda: Of course it'll be scary for them! Unless he's a trillioner.
Cynthia: Some of them maybe think they might be the victim of the girls' materialism, but maybe some guys think that's common enough.

Then.. do you thing excessive shopaholic means they shop branded items?
Not always, because maybe some people only adore the style of a fashion item, like some clothes that are not sold in branded stores.
But maybe some people prefer to buy branded items because it might look more prestigious! (Cynthia)
Cynthia Christine, 17 years,
Jakarta- Indonesia
Blenda: I think every girl that loves to shop have their own shopaholic aspects, but I think. I like shopping but I know the limit, so I don't shop stuffs that I don't necessarily need.

Cynthia: Kind of.. :) Like I adore 1 clothes, but there's another one and confused which one to choose, so I ended up buying 2 of the same kind. And I always update new style from the online shops until late night.

Why do you think PARENTS allow their kids to shop excessively?
Some parents don't even know that their kids are like that! (Blenda) , Some people said that 'whoever said that money can't buy happiness , but money can buy everything we like, so it makes us happy.. and every parent wants their children to be happy :p haha!! (Cynthia)

So... any MEDICATION for them then?
Blenda: just like confession of the shopaholic, when they ran out of money. They'll stop.
Cynthia: just plug the internet cable off, limit the budget from their parents and.. don't have to be arrogant / proud.

Any SUGGESTION for the shopaholics?
you can be fashionable even without branded stuffs! hehe (Cynthia)

Thanks gals for the interview! Now moving on to
HOW PEOPLE SEE the shopaholics.. ?? 
and we've got new friends over here!
Andy, Dirga, Meilia , Anthony, and Agustian!

When I did the interview, through Blackberry messenger.. fact says that most guys are confused upon girls with shopaholic disease.. Though sometimes they might say it's regular.. but still if this girl's just too much. They think negative upon girls. So be aware!
Let's talk with these people over here!

Andy Mandrawan, 20 years, Singapore

1. What is your impression of seeing Shopaholic girls? brought sacks of shopping good bags..? 
 I think it's okay as long as she has the money and capable of buying those. I think it's pretty common for girls to shop ..

2. Do you prefer girls that shop excessively or girls that don't shop ?
It depends. Girls that shops but not much , but also not anti-shop too.

3. What would you say to the shopaholics?
Just shop if you able to buy it and if you need it. :)
Okay! Thanks Andy! and now, moving on to Dirga.
Dirga Hayuri , 14 years, Jakarta Indonesia
1. What is your impression of seeing Shopaholic girls? 
Of couse I think that that girl might love shopping and have a high prestige upon others

2. So do you like seeing girls that loves to shop excessively rather than girls that do not shop at all?
Depends, what's the purpose: if they are shopaholic for some certain need , it's okay. and also I think shopaholic does not mean that you always have to shop all brands.

3. Aren't they better looking?
(innocently) what? I don't understand..
-- after some certain explanations --
I'd rather girl that DO NOT shop at all. but still look good, but I think it's kind of impossible too.

4. Do you afraid when you marry a girl that's shopaholic?
of course there's some certain kind of awareness :) If I have money tree .. that's fine , dah!

5. So what's your message to the shopaholics?
Ya.. don't be shopaholic. You can shop, but don't shop too often and branded all the time.
Are you shopaholic??

--- hahah no! Thanks Dirga.!

and moving on to our next bud, she's a psychologist graduated and now taking her master degree
Meilya Tjoa!

1. What do you think when you see a shopaholic?
If you think why one can shop that way. I would think that it might be caused by an obsessiveness upon a thing. And maybe they shop stuffs to fulfill their wants or other needs that yet not fulfilled.
Maybe with shopping they can get some satisfaction that they can't get from other things. Hm.. that's how I think hehe...

2. Do you think ALL GIRLS are like that?
No. but most girls love to shop. But not many obsessed with luxurious items. Most of them are acceptable .
Remember normal curve! hehe.

3. Do you like seeing shopaholics?
I love shopping too. :p
Yea, because I love shopping too, so the one that do not shop at all for me looks weird  :p

Meilya Tjoa, Jakarta Indonesia    

4. Any suggestion for them?
Try to find other things that might divert you the shopping desire.
Okay, try to just go to stores, but just take a look
First day - 5 minutes just look around and go home
next day 10 minutes
and after a while, maybe your desire to shop will decrease
Self control :D
Neat, Mei! Thanks for the nice suggestion !! Now.. another guy.. Anthony
Anthony Halim, 20 years,
Jakarta- Indonesia

1. What do you think first when you see shopaholics?
"Wasting money" . wkwkwkkw  .. hmmm...
wasting money only for a short period satisfaction . Mode's Victim (closed his eye w/hand! ;p)

2. But don't you think guys love good looking girls?
 ha? prestige. Okay, it doesn't mean it has to be excessive. Just be simple.

3. Do you like seeing shopaholic better or girl that don't shop at all?
Don't shop at all, I mean, shop a little but not excessive. haha.

and when being asked for suggestion, I bet he was speechless - so
anyway let's just forgive him ;p

And last but not least ... Agustian Ardi!

1. What do you think when you see a shopaholic?
As long as they use their own money and do not burden others, it's okay :D
Maybe first time I see that girl, I think that's just common
but if it's more than once, again and again it's she, I think in my brain her image will be like "dasar cewe boros" ("what a wasteful girl") <---- hohoho honest

2. So what will you do afterwards?
ya I can't do more.. what can I do??  (will you punch that person?) Punch?? do you think I'm insane??

3. Are you afraid if you have a shopaholic girl?
Not 'afraid', as long as I can keep up, I don't think that's a problem , I mean I can understand. But of course if it's way too much I will tell her.

Agustian Ardi, 20  years, Jakarta

4. So would you prefer girls that is a shopaholic or do not shop at all?
Both do not look good.  The best is the normal one. hehehhe ....
(But why the one that do not like to shop does not look good?)
Bah. I'm also confused about that. But it's impossible, at least shop some foods .. :D

5. Any suggestion ?
ya, my suggestion is "CUT DOWN YOUR CREDIT CARD"
*I'm not sure if it's related :(

Shopaholics? You hear that... No meaning to hurt anyone or stop you. But control your self... :)
Hope this will be useful for all

Any suggestion for the blog or opinions please feel free to drop it in the comment box :)

Thank you and see you next time

Catherine Au Jong



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