destination: japan

Today  I feel really like in Japan
I went to Anderson Japanese Garden in Rockford today
and I'm loving it!

We started with some lunch.. and 
well. actually shopping

very freakin' cute!!
I wanted that but :( well.. 

we began with the lunch
though I was dissapointed with the lunch 
but fair enough let's walk around the garden!!

When we entered, we saw a public drinking water. so cute with bamboo as a pipe
and the water kept falling down like a fall. cuteness!
And I walked , saw a very pretty pond with 3 angels statues on it 
then found this cute little lamp.
and , decided to . again. take a shot :)

when we followed the path, we also found this little place to rest from the heat of mr. sun
It really did smell like a wood, and when I saw it looks like javanese's houses
really similar, though this is a lot cleaner!!

and the we reached:.... the main bridge! it was the prettiest bridge I've witnessed
I passed by and.. the view was again.. amazing!
I love how they made the bridge passed by some cute trees

Satoo, that's what this gate's called. I found it really originally oriental and also this unique statue
I'm sure he's an important old guy, however I failed to know who he was 
and what he did to the Japanese's civilization ^^ haha

Tada!! we reached the first house.
It was kinda closed, but anyway the front part of the house's traditional..
as you can see even the lamp's still so traditional

but when you see it from the back! It's kinda modern but still ethnical.
I love this house and wonder if I can buy one ?? lol.!!
This is the family dining room inside the house, doesn't it look so comfy,.GOSH! I really want to live there
so did my grandma 8)

and. I played there. Just right in front of the house
I bet it's the house's garden
which was so nice and cold (well. it's moderate I should say)

and then we walked to the MAIN VIEW!! 
Hey ! I really love this picture, it looks like somehow I'm in the wonder oriental land! :p kkk.
but I really like it !

and there was the pond, lots of koi fishes (big ones) were there 
fed by people sat there around the pond.

and there was the 2nd house
more and a lot traditional then the previous one
it's in the tea walk or somethin'
I love this house tho I don't want to live there coz it's too small
by the way my aunt found that the bridge was kinda cute

and inside the house we found this little cuteness 
the fish with that hammer and ... the water fountain??!? again.
I really found this house's really tranquil and
well can't live there
but anyway! Nice house!! <3

in the house

my fave was the waterfall! Nah this one's real
I mean when I entered it, I can feel the freshness of the circumstances
and ahhhh I just wanted to be there and just drank the water
so much fresssshh!! >.<

and my guess I also did another shot of waterfall from some more distance
with a little bit excess of action ;p

love the nature, so pretty isn't it?

and we circled back to the visitor's center
and we passed this beautiful scene as well
I love the rocks and the bridge tho the bridge's not as pretty as the main  one
but . two ,eh four thumbs up

and these places were relaxing places where you can always hear water
flowing and birds flying
and also the end of our trip to Japan today

Bye Japanese Garden'
you're stunning.
I'll come back soon

- Trip to Anderson Japanese Garden, Rockford-

So, anyone wants to join me??

Catherine Au Jong



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