Garage Sale in Hawthornwoods area


Today I went to a garage sale in hawthornwoods neighborhood 
started since 9 am till 3 pm

I was so tired because I slept only for 6 hours, approx.

However today I shopped quite a lot and spent,.... lets see ...

I bought Adidas shoes (new!), American Eagle top, accessories boxes, pooh table baby lamp, Fur coat, flower mirror, and flower hat

I think I spent around $28 for all of them, and  I am so HAPPY >.<

Lets see...

I bought this coat for $2. Isn't it cheap? It is still brand new!
and I bought it from an american girl. She is so funny, "It's $5, but you can get it for $3!". 
My grandma said, " is $1 ok?". She said, "sure!"

I bet we can actually asked it for free >.< lol

these are our shoes and sport shirts
one for my dad and brother, one for me!

here's my dad's shoes:

and here's my brother's shirt:

you know what?!
I really forgot to rotate it! >.< well, whatever!

these are pictures of some nice houses in the neighborhood :)

Oops! That me...

Oh yea.. by the way today Jerry, my uncle, made me my studying desk and chair
I am so happy since then :p woohoo.
New table, table lamp, chair.
Feels new hot spot!

and at night my grandma found some funny stuffs thus she handed it to me
and I was so excited!




I need ta start my summer classes

better NOT to be lazy again. I'll regret. :(

Good BYE



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