Wishes come true, * :)

:) It's just some days ago.. It was * birthday.
It's not that I am a secret admirer, okay. I am just a friend, I don't even know if * think that I am *'s friend too
I said to * happy birthday and so on. And happy enough to get a reply from *.
And today I saw *'s picture with friends.
I hope * will leave *'s bad habit.. which is ******* *****. hihi.
Hope * will be closer to *'s friend.
I just concerned about that, because I knew from *'s friend that * has a bad habit.
And.... Happy Birthday *!
Hope that in your new 'age' you will lessen your bad habit, and go play more with your friend

Glad to see your smile. *, smile more!! you look more friendly while you smile

from your friend,
to star...



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