Nothing, am I?

Don't you think it should be fine?
I know I'm not as good as others
everyone in my circumstances are very diligent, very rich, very good looking, very smart, very kind?
Why everyone leave me alone?
And compare me to others??? We are different aren't we?

Even if I can be better? How can I?
How can an ugly duckling fly as pretty as you all?
I lost my wing, and I lost my nest. I sacrifice everything I love.
I live, and I don't know for who.
I'm ready if God call me anyway. I don't think my life is fun.

Why should you all put me in this servanthood?
If I'm not good, shouldn't you help me? or support me?
Don't fly by yourselves and blame me on my loss and misfortune

I cry, answer none
I fly, then fall
I don't care. I really don't care.

-picture credit for Travial~ Deviantart.



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