Plastic Surgery for TEENS. R U SURE?!

    "The rapid growth in procedures such as breast augmentation for teenagers is the most ethically disturbing development in cosmetic surgery today.
Women under age 18 are more and more frequently getting cosmetic procedures. Saline breast implants have become a “cool” gift from doting parents. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports a threefold increase in teenage surgeries over a single year: from 3,872 in 2002 to 11,326 in 2003." - Arthur L. Caplan 
Chair, Department of Medical Ethics, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Written for The CQ Researcher, March 2005

Me, myself I do not agree with plastic surgery for teens (especially) . My first reason is because by supporting them, it means doing plastic surgery is justified. 
Then why is so wrong?
Let me answer this. 
Why people do plastic surgery? It's because their mind say that they look ugly, why? society
The problem is on their mind. Letting them doing surgery will bring tendency for them to do it more, and promoting it while actually it is a wrong thing.
So 1st it destroys their mentality.

Why is it not good?
Because as a teen there are more things more important than look!!
We should've enhance their studies, activities, not look.
Well ya I agree because teenagers are 'looking for love'? but come on!! you still have plenty things to do anyway. It's not like the whole life is just finding girls or guys.

And .. It's a waste of money!
It's your mom's money, kid!! Surgery (esp. safe surgery) costs you a lot of money!! Safe it for future!

Lastly! It's not healthy for physically (dangerous) and psychologically!!

Eventhough people say that .. okay we only do the surgery in safe place.
But still! Since we do that, there are still risks! And being natural is not risky at all!!


I encourage you eventhough you are an adults. Don't do plastic surgery. I know the world is cruel, if you're not really slim or good looking they will see you as a beast
But, you still have a chance! Be yourself, be a nice girl/guy, and always smile! Happy! :) Here you go pretty swan <3

-you r pretty the way you are. 
everyone look good, but not all people have a good heart <3 <3 <3
keep in mind!!

Speak it! - Etin.

Credit for: deviantart.



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