2nd day of college

Hihi still reminds me of the smiling guy :D
Today is my 2nd day of spring semester
and I feel that I am AWESOME!! :D jk
I love the classes today, I had business stat' well not that interesting
and I had theater (this is my fave. esp when we went to costume and make up room!) , and Intl relations
to be honest,. the prof was so pretty! with her long hair. I dreeaaaammm **** hahhaa
I hope everything will be alright
today I spent the whole time reading books and practicing prblm..

Whoooaa I snacked tonight I was so hungry but too lazy ([pig]) going to rialto or dashes
sooo... I snacked!! :D
stomachie HUAHHAAHA
I enjoyed it though

Oh ya! Today I had wonderful lunch
at lastt.. no loneliness anymore !

with natalie, kaverne, tommy, nan , and roomie <3

Hope I can be good girl this semester
no mess up on my GPA. NO NO NO.
don't be afraid la tin! You'll do fine

Even if not A's . lu human, bisa buat salah :D hhehehhe~
ok ok?
Menghibur diri sendiri
yaudah dehhh

Gilaks. dadahhhhahahha



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