Friends in High School

Kezia - Chacha - Etine

Yearbook Committee @ Ancol.

 Veve and Etine @ my house

 Lukito - Etine - David Tandiono @ Taman Anggrek Mall

Childhood Craze Friend, Hutomo @ XII Science 2 class

Sannita - Beppi- Etine - Nadia - Yola - Chacha @ Timezone

Maritha-Sannita-Venom-Kezia-Etine-Chacha @ Sucang
at the back of our school

BEST FRIENDS. David-Lukito-Etin-Malvin @Kidzania,PP

Irene-Etine-Sannaru-Chacha-Beppi @ Andy's car to
Cafe Strawberry

Cepe-Aldo-Hutomo-Etine-Sannita-Irene, @ Platinum, PV
escape from classes!!

Crazy Gossip Girls. Etine-Beppi-Ruby-Irene-Lala-Cayong
@ XI SCIENCE 2 CLASS 2007-2008

PARA BOLANG Bangka Singapore!!

Vaughn Dancer ~ Veve-Etine-Pei2-Mega

Student Organization. Sannita-Blenda-Cornelius-Jessica
ayem- S.R-Yola-David-Ivonne-Vivin-Marcia-Beatriks

Science Friends @ My House.


XD -2006 2007. Kezia-Marissa-Novi-Brigitta-Etine

Perform @ Raising TARQ2 2008

XII SCIENCE 2 at Safari Indonesia :p lagi dongs

  Team - Elisa-StevenBo-Etine

Etiine-Kezia-David @ Starbucks MKG.

I miss you, all
ga pake kecuali hohoho



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