Day 4: State St. and Germany Festival

it's shoppin day!!

We went to forever 21 and I got 2 SALE SHIRTS and also went to Macy's to eat Japanese noodle and see the christmas decoration there.

From there, we went to the German Festival in which there we can see lots of Germany crafts, but it's really expensive. It's about >10 dollar per item :( NOT WORTHY
YoonMi bought like a nut kinda food, and I bought apple cinnamon pretzel! :d yummy yummy!

We then continued our journey and went to the clothes store in State Street again! We caught H&M and DanLi was lookin for new shirts and coats, and finally she got one!

Lastly we went to Claire's I saw 12 for $10! wow. It was amazing I thought, Because I thought the purses, bags, and shoes were included. But when I reached the cashier It can't work on their promo
It was a little bit dissapointing tough.
So I only bought 1 bag for $2.99 and also some hairpins :) so happy shoppin
has been a while I haven't been to mangga dua
I was wondering if I went to mangdu that amount of money probably will purchase more goods :(
what a pity me!

We had dinner at Hooters. and talkin a lot about the politics and love <3 <3 <3
That was so fun!

We arrived at home and watch the proposal together (MUST WATCH!) and made smores, my favorite food! We burnt the marshmallow and made it! :) AWESOME.


I hope tomorrow it'll be a nice day too~
we will do some activities

But to be honest, I'm afraid of my macro exam :(



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