Childhood Friend

I remember, my childhood friend.

It was a long time ago. We had fun together, we know each other deeply
We went to each house, and spent most of the time playing, girl talks
I didn't know
Maybe we only had fun, and we didn't build enough trust

One obstacle come, I was judged, abandoned.
It was the scariest , most pessimistic time on my life
feel I want to kill myself.

They treated me as if I was someone that is so bad.
But I did nothing

The time is over,
problem is solved

But trust not yet built.
Till now, I can't be close to my old besties anymore

But sometimes jealousy comes to me
seeing them still hangin out together
and I don't talk to them anymore

Childhood friend, I just want to say "Hi, how are you?"
Just curious if you still remember me. remember the time we were together

Sorry If I had mistake,

and now Thanks God I have new friends,
maybe it's destiny? or maybe God wants me to learn how to love
and how to trust
How to stay strong and stand still.



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