Today I am going to Chicago~!
I am now in Hawthorn woods , my aunt's place.
Yoonmi and DanLi is here~ (Sleep Already)

Today is such a tiring day
but I was so happy when first saw my aunt picked me up
at Cumberland station <3
and we went to malaysian restaurant! :) it's really yummy friends!

But the thing I am worried about right now is my exam
haiahh, why should the instructor put monday as the exam date
and it's 3 chapters
I have to study but this environment makes it so hard for me to study :( huhuhu
What should I do?! What should I do?!

YoonMi and DanLi ready to eat!


Study ON THE BUS?! THIS IS CRAZY~~~!!!!!

TOMORROW 10 AM set to GO for N.P (guess what?!)



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