ThRee monThs

Three months already, friends
the level of contacting between us becomes so low
We seem forgetting each other
We seem have our own things to do,
business and activities around us
Big Obstacle we might not be able to fight off

Now that I can see the branch where will we go
Different direction
And I don't know if we still will find the same end
We might hope
but it's a small chance, friends

Now I know .
I feel what my mother said to me
that I will miss certain time of highschool

But I feel.. I don't miss high school
I do not miss the teachers, the books.
I miss how I felt!
I miss the people next to me, talking
smiling and laughing together

Not the classroom,
but who is in the classroom
not the book
but who read the book.
not the exam
but who did the exam.

Everyone is busy,
to walk their own dream,
I pray success and joy
for my friends

while I also pray
the pray of love
nothing's impossible
We may be have tree that has the same end.
That at the end, we can meet again
we can be what we want to be.
we can also be different people
that still love each other
and share what we have on that time

Wondering... and wondering...
it's my piece of dust of wish . hope God see it.



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