A last story about Best Friend

It's 23rd July. 2009.
We took bunch of photos, she was staying at my house for a night.
We chatted with our friend together,
we talked, we were crazy
We cooked at 2:00 am together
We slept.

It's 24th July. 2009.
We went to saloon together, I cut my hair, She cut her ponny.
We went to bakery together.
We had lunch together.

That was my happy last moment with her.

We didn't meet again..
and when I was in the airport, I knew she was late.

and I cried, I felt dissapointed, I was really sad.


Friendship needs trust and knowing.
:) I trust her, that on that time she really wanted to meet me for the last time
She trusted me too, I guess :)

And therefore, my Far Distance Friendship Story had begun

Let's just say. It was episode 1 . and the next episode is working right now
and of course the next expisode need more effort and trust

Thank You Kezia, of being my Best Friend :p



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