Enjoy Thursday


It's raining today, which you have to know. I hate Rains!! It's dissapointingly dark and windy! (and cold) . I passed this day went to classes and bookstore, maucker union. and NOTHING
I was creating blog this day, but I dissapointed because acutally I want to make a website, not a blog!! :(
I wonder if I can make one like korean movies. And today I studied some.. It makes me feel alright.
But tomorrow, I have to wake up at 7:00 to go to ITTC. What the wind! I hate viruses, if I can see the maker, I will kill them! with my macroeconomic book!!!
I am too tired, too hungry, much much..
want to eat.. have to decrease meal. I don't wanna gain weight here :(

So BORED.. Missing Kezia, missing Aben,, missing JAKARTA : part of my life
come on fall, come.. I hate this rainy summer.. be pretty US. Then I'll learn how to love this state



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